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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Radiohead - Live from Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (April 2017)

Dreamers They never learn They never learn Beyond the point Of no return Of no return Then it's too late The damage is done The damage is done This goes Beyond me Beyond you A white room By a window Where the sun comes Through We are Just happy to serve Just happy to serve You

Recorded at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, CA, USA on the 21st of April 2017 Setlist: 00:00:02 Daydreaming 00:06:32 Desert Island Disk 00:10:43 Ful Stop 00:16:22 15 Step 00:20:36 Myxomatosis 00:24:46 Lucky 00:29:24 All I Need 00:33:51 Pyramid Song 00:39:59 Everything in Its Right Place 00:44:33 Bloom 00:51:13 Identikit 00:56:30 My Iron Lung 01:01:40 The Gloaming 01:05:32 I Might Be Wrong 01:10:26 Bodysnatchers 01:14:54 Exit Music (For a Film) 01:19:57 Reckoner 01:27:38 No Surprises 01:32:07 Paranoid Android 01:39:16 Fake Plastic Trees 01:44:26 Lotus Flower 01:49:38 Idioteque Directed by Kerry Asmussen Follow Radiohead Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – Website – W.A.S.T.E. -

DreamersThey never learnThey never learn
Beyond the pointOf no returnOf no return
Then it's too lateThe damage is doneThe damage is done
This goesBeyond meBeyond you
A white roomBy a windowWhere the sun comesThrough
We areJust happy to serveJust happy to serveYou

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