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Thursday, August 31, 2023

M83 - A Year In Festivals (Best Of M83 Performances 2016)

M83 played at several festivals in Europe and some in the US, they had just released their last album (Junk 2016) preceded by the media success of the album (Hurry Up We Are Dreaming 2011) with its very iconic and very famous song Midnight City led the band to a success that they not had before and opened them to a new audience. Tracklist 01.- Reunion Melt Festival 02.- Do It, try It Sasquatch Festival 03.- Steve Mcqueen / Festival Sasquatch 04.- We Own The Sky - Melt Festival 05.- Intro - Melt Festival 06.- Roadblaster - Lowlands Festival 07.- Sitting - Lowlands Festival 08.- Bibi The Dog - Eurorockeennes Festival 09.- LΓ‘ser Gun - Eurorockeennes Festival 10.- GO! - Eurockeennes Festival 11.- Midnigth City - Eurockeennes Festival 12.- Echos Of Mine - Eurorockeennes Festival 13.- Outro - Eurorockeennes Festival 14.- Ok Pal - Sasquatch Festival 15.- Roadblaster - Sasquatch Festival 16.- Wait - Sasquatch Festival 17.- Oblivion - Sasquatch Festival 18.- Midnight City - Lowlands Festival 19.- Outro - Lowlands Festival 20.- Couleurs - Lowlands Festival 21.- Lower Your Eyes To Die With The Sun - Lowlands Festival 22.- Couleurs - Eurockeennes 23.- Lower Your Eyes To Die With The Sun - Eurockeennes.

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