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Friday, December 22, 2023

Fever Ray in Passengers - ARTE Concert

Beautifully grotesque, politically confrontational and utterly unique: Karin Dreijer's Fever Ray project has come a long way since the immaculate icebox of their eponymous 2009 debut. It's been a thrilling journey. Mournful explorations of parental paranoia and Scandinavian solitude crumbled under the force of a newly emerging identity straining to devour societal interdictions and accepted gender frameworks with 2017's Plunge. Splintered facets of a stridently non-binary personality were explored with 2023's Radical Romantics along with a very human need for intimacy, its most vulnerable moments still as steely and unsettling as a shark circling its prey. Experience the idiosyncratic Fever Ray vision for this exclusive Passengers session beamed in from an abandoned factory in northern France.

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